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NFL Playoff Predictions: Who Goes To The Super Bowl?


One of the reasons I love the NFL playoffs is because for the first two weeks, there are games on Saturday and Sunday. I get nothing done around the house and I spend the entire weekend drinking beer and watching football.

It’s glorious.

Now we enter the Saturday before the conference championship games, which for me, is always a letdown. I get quite used to having NFL games around on Saturdays, and I do not like to see them go.

Alas, we have to wait a day for what will hopefully be a day full of great football and close games. Since our beloved Chiefs are yet again “making improvements” instead of winning games in late January, I thought it would be fun to get a little prediction thread going on who the AA community thinks will be playing in the Super Bowl come February.

Patriots vs. Ravens

This is a really interesting matchup because I feel it could go either way. The Pats and their high-powered offense could come out and take advantage of an aging Baltimore defense or the Ravens could come out and impose their will on a weak New England defense by giving them a heavy dose of Ray Rice.

However things shake out, I have a bad feeling this game isn’t going to be close. These teams are so different that I get the impression that whoever gets the upper hand is going to run away with things. I hope I’m wrong because blowouts suck.

As for the outcome, I just feel that what the Patriots are doing on offense, especially with their tight ends, is just too potent for even the Ravens to stop. The Patriots have had too many early playoff exits in a row. I don’t think that happens this year.

Patriots 34, Ravens 17

49ers vs. Giants

I can’t believe that anyone would have thought that the 49ers could turn things around so fast but sometimes a new coach can really turn a team around. Especially if the last guy was actually holding them back.

Admit it, even if you liked Todd Haley, you have to be hoping that he was holding the Chiefs back.

On the other side, the Giants sure seem a lot like the last Giants team to win a Super Bowl. They got hot at the end of the season and have been playing terrific football ever since.

If there is going to be a nail-biter Sunday I think it is going to be this game. Both squads face pretty stout defenses which could make for a low scoring affair. Then again, the 49ers showed they can put up some points as well hanging 36 on the Saints.

Still, I think the Giants defense is a lot better than what they are sporting in New Orleans.

The 49ers have been a nice story and they have a bright future but the Giants have been here before and I think that will make the difference.

Giants 24, 49ers 16

Get ready for non-stop highlights of that David Tyree catch from Super Bowl XLII. You’re going to be seeing it a lot over the next two weeks.

Alright, those are my picks. Who ya got?