Todd Haley Having Trouble Finding A New Job


It has not been a good couple of months for former Kansas City Chiefs head coach Todd Haley.

After being fired by the Chiefs, it looked like Haley was going to land on his feet. First there were rumors that he would return to Arizona, where he once served as offensive coordinator. Shortly after that, there were reports that Haley might join former Dolphins head coach turned Jets offensive coordinator Tony Sparano in New York. The belief was that Haley would coordinate the receivers while Sparano focused on the running game.

Then came Kent Babb’s story in the Kansas City Star last weekend that, among other things, mentioned Haley believed that Scott Pioli may have bugged his office and perhaps even his personal cell phone. While Pioli has taken a lot of heat in the wake of Babb’s article, there have also been plenty who have called Haley’s stability and credibility into question.

Perhaps coincidentally or perhaps not, it appears the potential job offers available to Haley are dwindling. Earlier this week, we told you of a report that claimed Haley was no longer expected to land in New York.

Now it would appear the opportunity in Arizona could be off the table for Haley as well, according to Kent Somers of the Arizona Republic.

"Talks between the two sides have been amicable, as far as I know, but coming to agreement on a position that meets the Cardinals’ needs and matches Haley’s career goals has been elusive.It’s become clear that coach Ken Whisenhunt doesn’t want to make a major shake-up on his offensive staff. He believes in coordiantor Mike Miller, who is not going to be demoted. The only open position, then, is the quarterbacks job, and Haley would fit perfectly into that role."

You have to wonder if the breakdown in these talks have anything to do with the Babb report. The teams involved are unlikely to ever tell Haley if that is the case and to be fair, this could just be a matter of there not being a proper fit for Haley.

Still, you can’t help wonder if Haley’s days in KC are coming back to haunt him. It might do the head coach some good to clear the air on the Babb report.