Crennel Called Out Thomas Jones


I’m liking this Crennel hire more and more by the minute.

According to Sam Mellinger of the Kansas City Star, one of the first things Romeo Crennel did upon becoming interim head coach of the Chiefs was call out Thomas Jones.

Actually, the first thing he did was bench Tyler Palko.

From Mellinger:

"Crennel is 18 years older than Pioli, strikingly comfortable in his own skin and secure in his own accomplishments. He calls his boss Scott, and the first thing he did upon taking over was switch quarterbacks. The second thing was to tell Scott that he switched quarterbacks."

The best part of Mellinger’s article, however, is when he relays a story of Crennel calling out the great Thomas Jones.

Why is this a big deal? Well, apparently because calling out Thomas Jones was something former coach Todd Haley didn’t do.

"Understand that as much as Todd Haley earned his reputation as a disciplinarian — fat camp, cuss words, we-only-talk-about-the-players-who-are-here — players grew to think that some guys were off-limits.This was a special status. Matt Cassel made it as the quarterback. Derrick Johnson and Tamba Hali worked themselves into it. Casey Wiegmann earned it based on his long career, and so did Jones."

Pretty damning of Haley, no?

We all knew that Haley had favorites. Jones, Terry Copper, Palko, but what we didn’t know was that he wasn’t holding them accountable behind the scenes.

I encourage you to read Sam’s article. It is very well done and makes a great case for why Crennel is the right man at the right time to lead the Chiefs.