Chiefs Will Enter 2012 With Plenty Of Salary Cap Room


The Kansas City Chiefs will not be able to use money as an excuse for not re-signing Dwayne Bowe or Brandon Carr.

They’d have a better chance convincing their fans that Santa Claus exists or that Pro Wrestling is real.

The Chiefs will enter 2012 with buckets of money to re-sign their own free agents and to pursue free agents from other teams.

The new CBA (Collective Bargaining Agreement for those who have lives and don’t spend their time reading about NFL financials) actually allows teams that do not use all their cap room in 2011 to carry it over into 2012.

Since the Chiefs were one of the teams with the most cap room in 2011, they’ll also be one of the teams with the most cap room entering 2012. In fact, according to Andrew Brandt of The National Football Post, they’ll be one of the top three.

"Which teams will have the most Cap room entering into 2012?Jacksonville, Kansas City and Tampa Bay (Don’t let Jack Del Rio, Todd Haley or Raheem Morris read this:)"

The Chiefs have holes to fill and if 2011 taught us anything, it is that Scott Pioli has not been aggressive enough when adding talent to the roster. I think we are all for building through the draft. I’ve never seen anyone on this site suggest Pioli build an entire team through free agency. Yet the lack of activity on the part of KC’s GM has been troubling, especially considering when Pioli has opened up his wallet a little bit, he’s been generally successful. Le’Ron McClain, Ryan Lilja and Steve Breaston were all fine additions to the team.

I’m not saying that Pioli should mortgage the team’s future in free agency. What I am saying is that if the Chiefs have millions of dollars burning a hole in their pocket, there is absolutely no excuse for entering an NFL season with Shabby Piscitelli, Jon McGraw, Donald Washington and Reshard Langford as your depth at safety. McGraw is the only player on that list that has any business being on an NFL roster.

Pioli’s had some hits or misses in the draft. It’s time he doubled down and did some work in free agency as well.