Chargers Fans React To The Return Of Norv Turner


The San Diego Chargers have decided to bring back head coach Norv Turner and GM AJ Smith despite yet another disappointing season.

I know that this is an important issue to Chargers fans so I stopped by Bolt Beat, FanSided’s Chargers site to see how the fans over there were taking the news.

Yeah. They’re not taking it well:

"Disgusting. I’ve been a fan since the late 70s when Fouts ended his holdout. This team does its best to drive fans away. I rarely get the sense that this franchise does whatever it takes to win a championship. I don’t know how fans can continue to support a team that has less interest in winning than they do. Anyway, this is how ownership repays fan loyalty. At least Gene Klein had ambition!"

"What do we have to look forward to? Another year of frustration! I hope that everyone who wanted to see Norv and AJ go show the Spanos family their feelings by refusing to buy tickets to the games. It will mean more blackouts but then we’ll get to see some good football in their place!"

Head over to Bolt Beat and offer your condolences. Be nice though. Imagine if Pioli had brought back Herm.