Chiefs vs. Broncos: Inside The Enemy Camp


The Kansas City Chiefs will try to knock the Denver Broncos out of the playoffs Sunday when they travel to Mile High.

There is plenty to talk about in regards to this game so I sat down with Kim Constantinesco of Predominately Orange, FanSided’s Denver Broncos site. Kim has been running PO for a while now and it is the best Broncos site out there.

Keep your friends close and your enemies closer. Let’s go Inside the Enemy Camp with Predominately Orange.

Obviously Tebow is a great leader and winner and all that. He’s a difference maker. But do you think he can develop into a strong enough passing QB to lead the Broncos to a Super Bowl?

The lockout hurt Tebow as much if not more than anyone last off season. It’s clear that his mechanics (from throwing motion to going through his reads quicker) need work and that’s where the OTA’s really come into play. After the season is over, John Elway has promised that he will turn his cap backwards so to speak and hit the practice field with Tebow.

As far as leading the Broncos to a Super Bowl, it doesn’t have to happen with just his arm. In the last 20 years, 76 passers have thrown for 4,000+ yards, yet only 3 have won Super Bowls the same season (Kurt Warner – ’99, Peyton Manning – ’06, and Drew Brees – ’09). That goes to show that balance is key. Once his arm can catch up with his legs and the Broncos can maintain a good rushing attack and a solid defense, I can see the Broncos reaching the Super Bowl with Tebow as their QB.

How awesome is it watching Von Miller? It is such a good pick by the Broncos it makes me sick. Should be fun watching him and Tamba Hali go after the QBs Sunday. Who gets more sacks?

Miller was a phenomenal pick by the Broncos. Unfortunately he will be playing his fourth straight game with a giant cast on his right hand (torn thumb ligaments). He’s been limited in the Broncos last two games with just 2 tackles and zero sacks. Since returning from his injury, he has just 1 sack and 7 tackles. Through his first 11 games he had 10.5 sacks.

I would expect Hali to beat out Miller in Sunday’s sack race. Miller can’t fully grab offensive linemen right now so they are playing him differently. He can’t get under lineman and push them back to win in the leverage game.

Elway is a pretty forthcoming guy where a lot of GMs (particularly Scott Pioli) are pretty tight lipped. Do you like his style?

There isn’t much that Elway can’t get away with in Denver. He led the Broncos to two Super Bowl wins, he runs a great restaurant business, he’s successful in other business ventures, and he keeps a clean image. That’s why he feels like he can fire his words from the hip.

I do like his style. He lets John Fox and Co. do their job and keeps a lower profile than you would expect. There’s a nice balance in the Broncos front office now whereas when Josh McDaniels was in there, he ran the circus, errr, show. GM Brian Xanders didn’t have much say and it was his way or the highway. Elway respects Xanders and Fox so I think it’s a nice working relationship. The drama (if there has been any) has been kept in house which is exactly how it should be.

 What would you say Denver’s biggest weakness is that the Chiefs may try to expose?

Denver’s biggest weakness is the pass offense. They’ve struggled mightily with turnovers (7 in the last two weeks) and that’s when they fall dead in the water. Whenever the Broncos don’t turn the ball over, they keep themselves in the game. The Chiefs secondary probably smells blood in the water in that department.

What would you say is Denver’s #1 need heading into the NFL Draft?

Defensive lineman. The Broncos picked up Ty Warren in free agency but he hit the IR before the season started. It seems like the line has been a constant head scratcher after underperforming draft picks, and the team being forced to use backups due to injury.

Your prediction for Sunday?

It’s win and you’re in for the Broncos so I think they will bring their ‘A’ game. They’re at home and fired up for a win after two straight losses.

Broncos – 24 

Chiefs – 17