Todd Haley Fired: Fallout


The Kansas City Chiefs have fired head coach Todd Haley.

We’re monitoring the reaction and fall out. Here are some notes about what we are hearing so far.

-Romeo Crennel will be the team’s interim head coach.

-There are reports that GM Scott Pioli is telling folks that Iowa coach Kirk Ferentz, Pioli’s good friend, is the leading candidate to replace Haley.

-Perhaps not coincidentally, Chiefs QB Ricky Stanzi played under Ferentz at Iowa.

-Some players are speaking out. On Twitter, a fan tweeted at Jared Gaither that if Haley had been fired two weeks ago that Gaither would still be a Chiefs.

Gaither’s reply?

“That’s the way the cookie crumbles.”

And then we saw this from former Chiefs safety Jarrad Page:

"@JarradPage44What goes around comes around!!!!"