Chiefs’ Tamba Hali May Have Broken Hand, According To Report


The Kansas City Star is reporting that Kansas City Chiefs linebacker Tamba Hali may have broken his hand in the team’s 10-3 win Sunday over the Chicago Bears.

From the Star:

"Quarterback Kyle Orton wasn’t the only Chiefs player with a hand injury Sunday. Linebacker Tamba Hali has a possible broken hand, though he never came out of the game. Even if his hand is broken, Hali could play with a cast, depending on the type and severity of the break."

Todd Haley talked a bit about Hali’s injury in his daily press conference today. After calling Hali a warrior, Haley admitted that the linebacker was a bit banged up.

“Tamba’s pretty beat up,” said Haley. “But I didn’t see anything that alarmed me any more than other weeks other than some blood dripping all over the place.”

Haley seemed to indicate that Hali would probably be ok. The Chiefs put a big emphasis on players being on the field and most seem to get out there to play through injuries if they can. He might be in pain but I am guessing we’ll see Tamba on Sunday.