Vikings To Release Donovan McNabb


Multiple sources are reporting that the Minnesota Vikings are going to grant a request by QB Donovan McNabb to be released.

McNabb, the long-time Eagle, has bounced around the league since he was traded out of Philly, spending time in Washington and Minnesota. His play has declined significantly though it is possible he has just been put in two poor situations.

Regardless of his recent track record, it is likely some desperate team will put a claim in on the 36 year-old QB.

My money is on the Texans and Bears, both of whom are in the playoff hunt and are desperate for a starting caliber QB. McNabb is originally from Chicago, so he might want to end up there.

The Chiefs may have had interest a couple of weeks ago but my guess is that they’ll stay out of this one.

This could be McNabb’s last g0-round. Where do you think he’ll end up?