Chiefs vs. Steelers: Inside The Enemy Camp


The Kansas City Chiefs continue their “National Audience Embarrassment Tour” tonight when they host the Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday Night Football.

To get you better prepared for what the Chiefs are facing, I sat down with Craig Gottschalk of Nice Pick Cowher, Fansided’s Pittsburgh Steelers site. Craig does a fantastic job covering one of the most popular teams in the NFL. Definitely make sure you stop by NPP throughout the day if you are scouting the Steelers.

Now let’s go Inside the Enemy Camp with Nice Pick Cowher!

If the season were to end right now, the Ravens, Steelers and Bengals would all make the playoffs. Would you like to see a situation where the AFC North dominates the playoff landscape?

I would love it and hate it.  Love it because it shows and validates that the AFC North is one of the toughest divisions in the NFL.  Forget the NFC East.  The AFC North is the real deal.  It says a lot then for whomever comes out on top in that division.  That said, I’m a man of variety and would like to see teams from all over in the playoff hunt.  Nothing makes the playoffs more stale for everyone else than to have just more divisional battles going on.  Although many are partial to the Steelers/Ravens rival.

Reshard Mendenhall hasn’t been quite as effective this year. Do you think it is the back or the blocking?

A bit of both, but mainly I put it on Mendenhall.  He’s dancing at the line too much, and with the line struggling the way it does, his dancing allows defenses to collapse on him quickly.  He needs to be more decisive when getting the ball and choosing an opening.  I feel that he also hasn’t been fighting for the yards.  His yards after first contact used to be pretty good.  Now he just goes down after the frist guy or two hits him.

Two of Pittsburgh’s three losses this season came at the hands of the Ravens. There is a pretty good chance the two could meet in the playoffs. Will the third time be a charm?

I hate woulda/shoulda/coulda’s, but the Steelers should have one the last game.  The defense totally collapsed and that’s on them and LeBeau.  I think they have as good a chance as any to beat them should they meet in the playoffs.

 What would you say the Steelers’ biggest weakness is that KC might try to take advantage of tonight?

Coaching. I worry about the Steelers only having a 7-10 point lead going into the 4th quarter.  That’s when the Steelers habitually move into ‘safe’ and ‘prevent’ mode on both sides of the ball.  It’s really annoying the lack of killer instinct that comes from this coaching staff.  Running up the score is one thing – but icing the game is another.  I hope they can get a quick 17-21 point lead so we can all breathe easy.

Who are some young Steelers players that Chiefs fans may not have heard of yet that could be giving them nightmares Sunday night?

Not sure how many Chiefs fans follow the up and comings in the AFC, so maybe they have heard of Antonio Brown and maybe they haven’t.  He’s in his second year and is growing by leaps and bounds.  He’s a strong route runner, able and WILLING to run middle routes.  He’s becoming a dependable receiver for Ben Roethlisberger and a favorite among Steelers Nation.

Your prediction:

I think the Steelers can and will jump to a good first half lead.  That’s not to say the Chiefs will make a push in the second half, but I agree with you Patrick, the Chiefs lack the personnel for offensive punch will keep the game out of reach.

Steelers 27 Chiefs 13

Good luck tonight!