How Has Scott Pioli Done So Far?


Reader KCMikeG pointed out an interesting article written by a reader over at Arrowhead Pride about Scott Pioli’s tenure in Kansas City so far. He thought it would be interesting for you all to see the article and I agreed. I think it could be good for some fiery weekend debate. Especially since we have to wait until tomorrow night to see some Chiefs football.

Here is a preview:

Pioli’s second draft was good. It gave the Chiefs two starting safeties in Eric Berry and Kendrick Lewis who both look like studs, a good nickel corner/return man in Javier Arenas, a gadget offensive player with potential in Dexter McCluster, a starting guard in Jon Asamoah, a starting stud tight end in Tony Moeaki, and a solid linebacker prospect in Cameron Sheffield (deserves a full, healthy off-season before being judged).

Pioli’s third draft is almost impossible to judge at this point due to the shortened training camp. We do know the first round pick has flashed incredible potential (I’ve seen Jonathan Baldwin’s behind-the-back catch six times and I still don’t understand how he did it). We’ll have to wait until at least next year to begin judging this class.

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Check out the whole article at Arrowhead Pride.

I think the author makes some interesting points but he also slants things to sort of fit his positive view of Pioli. For instance, he talks about all the terrible players that were on the team when Pioli arrived but then later gives him credit for re-signing players like Tamba Hali, Jamaal Charles, Derrick Johnson and Brandon Flowers. Those players, as you know, were also on the team when Pioli arrived. In my opinion, nearly all of KC’s best players were drafted by Herm Edwards.

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To be fair, I do think we need to give Pioli’s drafts a little more time to shake out. 2009 was obviously a disaster but there is more potential in the 2010 guys like Arenas and McCluster than in anyone in the 2009 class. That has to count for something, I suppose.

It is a tough debate. I think it takes time to build a solid team, and I am willing to give Pioli a few more years before I start calling for his head. I do, however, think he could be more aggressive in free agency.

What do you think, Addicts? Do you agree with the author? Has Pioli done a great job, a decent job or a terrible job?

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