Kyler Orton Update


Welcome to Kansas City, Kyle Orton!

We’ve made fun of you for years, but once you are a Chief, we will love you until you start sucking at your job.

Which should be in just about two weeks.

Until then, you’re one of us, and we’ll cheer like hell for you.

Orton Update: Orton was unable to make it to practice today. He had a family issue he had to deal with. I expect he will join the team tomorrow. Tyler Palko is set to start Sunday night vs. the Steelers. The Chiefs will try to get Orton up to speed as fast as they can so he can provide some QB depth this week. My guess is they will plan to start him next week against the Bears. It makes no sense to try to play him against the Steelers. We all saw what happened when the Raiders tried to rush Carson Palmer into action before he was ready.

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. Anyone going to one of those crazy midnight sales?