Klye Orton Could Be Awarded On Waivers At 4PM Eastern


The Denver Broncos released Kyle Orton yesterday making it possible for the veteran QB to be claimed on waivers this afternoon.

We’ve got the waiver order for you courtesy of Pro Football Talk. I’ve highlighted in green the teams that could make a play for Orton. The teams in red are unlikely to try to get him based on their current QB situations.

(1) Colts; (2) Panthers; (3) Rams; (4) Vikings; (5) Cardinals; (6) Redskins; (7) Jaguars; (8) Dolphins; (9) Chiefs; (10) Browns; (11) Eagles; (12) Chargers; (13) Seahawks; (14) Buccaneers; (15) Titans; (16) Bills; (17) Jets; (18) Broncos; (19) Giants; (20) Raiders; (21) Bengals; (22) Cowboys; (23) Falcons; (24) Saints; (25) Texans; (26) Ravens; (27) Steelers; (28) Patriots; (29) Lions; (30) Bears; (31) 49ers; and (32) Packers.

My thoughts after the jump.

As you can see, the Chiefs are 9th on the list. The only two realistic landing spots for Orton ahead of KC are Indy and Washington.

The Colts would be crazy to do anything that might put them in position to win any games, as they are the clear leader to land Andrew Luck. I doubt they are dumb enough to blow money on Orton to win a few meaningless games.

As for the Redskins, does anyone ever know what Mike Shanahan is going to do? The Redskins are 3-7 and all of their QB’s are terrible. They’ve lost six in a row so Shanahan might be desperate enough to take a chance on Orton to stop the bleeding.

After that, the Chiefs are next.

If KC passes, Orton will likely slide all the way down to Chicago, a team that definitely is interested in his services. The Texans are a possibility, seeing as they’ve lost Matt Schaub, however they seem confident rolling with Matt Leinart. The Bears have lost Jay Cutler for pretty much the rest of the season. At 7-3 they are battling it out for a playoffs spot in a very crowded NFC race. Orton is a former Bear and would be a good fit to step in and help the team get to the playoffs.

It should be an interesting afternoon. Stay tuned.