Should The Chiefs Go After Peyton Manning?


With the Indianapolis Colts leading the Suck for Luck Bandwagon straight to the NFL Draft, the question now has to be asked what they might do with Peyton Manning if they do indeed draft Andrew Luck.

Will they keep Manning around as long as he wants to play and allow Luck to marinate on the sidelines ala Aaron Rodgers? Or will they they attempt to trade Manning to a team desperate for a top tier QB ala the 49ers with Joe Montana.

You do remember who the 49ers traded Joe Montana to, don’t you? has a story handicapping the early contenders for a potential Manning bidding war.

"The Midwest. America’s heartland. A lifestyle he’s grown accustomed to. Some pretty nice weapons to throw to in Dwayne Bowe, Jonathan Baldwin and Steve Breaston, and potentially a healthy Jamaal Charles. A solid front office. Hey, Joe Montana did it, and if Joe can do it, anyone can. Manning would be a really nice fit in K.C. — he’d be comfortable there. The Chiefs are the first of the potential suitors on this list that I really think could make a run for Manning. The AFC West is up for grabs every year, and he immediately makes them a contender."

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Would it be so crazy for the Chiefs to try to acquire Manning? I don’t think so. The article is right. The Chiefs have a ton of weapons on offense. Charles, Bowe, Breaston and Charles. Even Tony Moeaki, who’s Peter King compared to Dallas Clark earlier this year.

How great would it be for Manning to come to Kansas City and help vanquish all the playoff ghosts wearing Indianapolis Colts bedsheets that to this day haunt the nightmares of Chiefs fans?

There are obvious concerns. Manning is reaching the end of his career, and he’ll be coming off possible a year of no football. There is no telling if he will still be able to play at the high level we’ve all become accustomed to.

Then again, the Colts haven’t yet placed Manning on IR. They seem to be holding out hope that he might be able to return to action before the end of the season. But why? Surely not for a potential playoff run. Could it be the Colts are hoping to get Manning on the field to show he is still a valuable commodity for a potential trade?

So I pose the question to you, Addicts? Should the Chiefs be interested in acquiring Manning for the 2012 season? If so, what would you be willing to see the team give up in order to gain his services?

As Arrowhead Addict founder Adam Best said to me tonight, “Screw Suck for Luck–Panning for Manning!”