A Bad Day At Arrowhead Is Better Than A Good Day At Work!


Well I didn’t see that one coming gang. Well actually I did. My buddy Gerald and I sat in our seats in Amen Corner, after a short but strenuous jaunt to attempt to track down Double D, and discussed the potential loss we faced. As an Airforce General shook our hands and pinned a little medal on an astonished young Chiefs fans shirt, Gerald and I prepared ourselves for the assault that awaited. It soon came.

Sure we had four great unexpected  wins, a great season turnaround. But we also had injuries, a questionable QB, and  questionable head coach with a beard, dirty hat, and apparently not much confidence in his coaching ability as he wandered around avoiding walking under ladders, black cats, or spilling salt.

A weird season I had not predicted when I plunked down my season ticket money last year, this had certainly become.

But I have always looked at my pilgrimages to the greatest NFL stadium in the world as I have my trips to Missouri lakes in pursuit of the elusive muskellunge. A bad day at Arrowhead is better than the best day at work. And lately, like that elusive muskellunge I chase, there are going to be more bad days than good.

Its easy to be sunfish angler, just as its easy to be a Green Bay fan lately. Not so easy to follow a sport or an interest that lets you down more than it rewards.

No, it’s never been easy to be a Chiefs fan.

But as I wandered through the museum by my seats, I was reminded of some of the things that make being a Chiefs fan.

First of all , we have our Superbowl win. Some teams like the Viking don’t. A hard fought Superbowl win by one of the greatest NFL teams ever to take the field.

The tailgating is the best in the world. Period. No convincing argument can be made to the contrary. The worst in my opinion is St. Louis and Indianapolis. Just sayin’.

The Arrowhead Advantage is real, and back most days. It’s impossible to argue its existence when great quarterbacks like Phil Rivers and Peyton Manning shake their heads in frustration as the 1600 db assault is launched.

Sunday under a sky so clear you could see forever I saw a flyover that reminded me we still have the best military there is.

I saw the best and hottest cheerleaders in the NFL smile familiar smiles at me, as I’m the only guy in our section to wave every time they prance by.

Dwayne Bowe stopped by to get my encouragement, and I gave it to him as he hopped up and down in anticipation.

His brother game me a high five as I went to sign up for my free small coke in exchange for pledging to be a designated driver.

The 2011 Kansas City Chiefs are not a Superbowl team. We will not win the big one, nor will we be invited to the dance. The best we can hope for this year is a post season appearance and subsequent thrashing as we suffered last year. But that’s ok.

I’ll still make the six hour trek to the greatest NFL stadium in the world next Sunday. I’ll still enjoy the best tailgating in the world. And I’ll still touch the glass in front of the original AFL helmet display in awe, at the museum by my seats in Amen Corner.

Times like these make it hard to be a Chiefs fan for sure. But these times are what make Kansas City Chiefs fans the best fans in the world.