Chiefs Lose To Dolphins: Kansas City Meltdown


The winless Miami Dolphins are winless no more after embarrassing the Kansas City Chiefs at Arrowhead Stadium.

Things started our alright for the Chiefs when they took the opening kickoff down for a field goal and a three point lead. After that, however, things got really ugly really fast.

The Chiefs just didn’t look ready to play on either side of the ball. The offensive line could not protect for Matt Cassel and the KC defense made Matt Moore look like Tom Brady.

Kansas City seemed to really miss Jon McGraw and Javier Arenas. Both “Shabby” Sabby Piscitelli and “Donnie” Donald Washington both made awful plays at various points throughout the game.

If we’ve learned anything about these Chiefs it is that we shouldn’t count them out no matter how awful they look but it is hard to like their playoff chances when they are sitting at 4-4 and are losing to winless teams.

Then again, they’ve proved us wrong before.

We have a lot to talk about this week but for now, check out the AA Post Game Show, which will go live at 4 eastern, 3 central and run for half an hour.