Former Player Claims Bill Belichick Paid Him To Start Fights In Practice


In an unrelated, but interesting bit of news, a former Browns and Patriots player by the name of Chad Eaton told the Dayton Daily News that former Browns  and now Patriots head coach Bill Belichick often paid him to start fights in practice.

“If practice was going slow, he’d look at me and just say, ‘It’s time,’” Eaton said.  “He wanted me to get on somebody’s [case] and start a little fight.  I was known for that and it paid off on Fridays.  There’d always be some extra money in my locker.  Practice players don’t make much, so I really appreciated it.”

Wow. That is pretty messed up. It just goes to show you that growing a beard and wearing a sweaty hat is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what a head coach will do to win.

I wonder if Haley ever employs similar tactics to rile up his players if he feels like a Friday practice is kind of sluggish.

If the Chiefs keep winning, he can just strangle a few of them with his epic beard to make sure they’ve got their minds right.