Chiefs vs. Chargers: 5 Players To Watch


Now that we’ve discussed the five keys to a Kansas City Chiefs victory over the San Diego Chargers, it is time to single out five players we think can help put the hammer down on the Lightening Dolts.

Here are five players to watch this Monday night.

Jackie Battle

Can the Battle-Axe make it a hat trick? Battle will look to produce his third strong outing against the Chargers. San Diego has had difficulty stopping the run and KC currently ranks 7th in the league in that category. If the Chiefs can pound away at the Chargers defense with Battle, they could find themselves tied for first place in the AFC West.

Derrick Johnson

DJ needs to continue his “Can’t Stop The Defense” destruction tour on Monday Night. The Chargers have been struggling to throw the ball a bit and Romeo Crennel is certain to have more tricks than treats up his sleeve for Philip Rivers. That could mean Norv Turner will try to test the KC run D. DJ will need help up front but he’ll have to use his speed to keep Ryan Matthews from getting around the edge.

Johnson could very well be the key to stopping the Chargers.

Steve Breaston

I mentioned Breaston in my Keys to Victory post. I think Steve has a chance to do some serious damage this week. With Dwayne Bowe drawing attention and Jon Baldwin drawing the defense away from the line of scrimmage on deep routes, Breaston could get serious room to roam free underneath. His speed and run after the catch skills could be the nail in San Diego’s Halloween coffin.

Dustin Colquitt

The punter? Indeed.

This figures to be a wee bit tighter of a contest than last week’s dismantling of the Faiders. DQ will need to keep doing his thing and pin the Chargers as close to the end zone as he can. We all know Rivers gets frustrated easily and Arrowhead is sure to be rocking. The more time Rivers spends trying to get calls out near Amen Corner, the better. One mistake on that end of the field and Carr or Flowers could be on their way to a pick-six.

Tyson Jackson

Tyson Jackson is slowly (as is his custom) improving. He’s been much more stout against the run than ever and he even bear his man last week with one of the nastiest swim moves I’ve ever seen. He whiffed on the sack but flushed the QB into Kelly Gregg.

I put the spotlight on Jackson because I still feel he can improve his pass rushing. I am starting to feel like maybe Dorsey has leveled off so it falls to Jackson to be the DE that can pressure the QB. Another strong game from Tin Man will really help KC’s chances Monday.

Alright, Addicts. Those are my five players. Who are your difference makes for MNF?

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