Carson Palmer Unlikely To Start vs. Chiefs, Report Says


After reporting earlier this week that Carson Palmer was likely to start at QB against the Kansas City Chiefs, ESPN’s Adam Schefter is now reporting the opposite, citing two sources close to the situation.

It makes sense that things could have changed since earlier this week. The idea of Carson Palmer starting sure seemed like an upgrade over Kyle Boller but after seeing the likely rusty QB practice, the Raiders may have changed their mind.

Then again, I wouldn’t put it past the Raiders to be just messing with everyone so the Chiefs don’t know whom to prepare for. Still, if the Chiefs are smart, they’ve prepared for both QBs anyway. Chances are the game plans aren’t that different as the Chiefs are sure to be focused on stopping Darren McFadden, whoever is calling signals for the Raiders.

The good news is that if Boller is starting, the Raiders might be a little bit less dangerous when throwing the deep ball.

Still, as I said earlier this week, this game will probably be a challenge for the Chiefs no matter who is playing QB.

Let’s just hope they come to play.