Brandon Lloyd Traded To Rams For Peanuts


The St. Louis Rams acquired pro bowl WR Brandon Lloyd from the Denver Broncos for a 6th round draft pick, according to ESPN’s Chris Mortenson.

I have to say, John Elway is a genius. If only he’d hire Josh McDaniels back as head coach he might just drive the Broncos straight into the ground.

Seriously though, I guess if that was the only offer the Broncos were going to get for Lloyd and they really had no intention of re-signing him, it is better to get something than nothing.

According to Mort, the pick could become a 5th rounder depending on how Lloyd performs with his new team.

Damn, what a great move for the Rams. The Chiefs don’t even really need a receiver and I still would have been ok with it if they got Lloyd for a 6th/conditional 5th. Hell, I’d even throw in Shabby Piscitelli free of charge.=)

What do you guys think? Is Elway a genius or an idiot?