Pioli Denies Wright Report


Joel Thorman of Arrowhead Pride is reporting that multiple sources within the Chiefs, including Scott Pioli, have denied Nick Wright’s report that the plan was to fire Haley should the team lose to the Colts.

Thorman is going to have a story on this shortly and we’ll link you over to it when he posts it.

My initial reaction is surprise. I’m not surprised that Pioli denied it, but I am surprised that he addressed it at all. It isn’t Pioli’s style to address rumors. The fact that he is coming out and confirming that Wright’s report is false actually makes me think it is more likely that Wright is right.

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I wrote a piece a while back about Pioli’s silence being telling. I said that his not coming to Haley’s aid through multiple reports that the coach was on the hot seat, made me believe that there was a chance Haley really was in danger. I also noted that even though it was kind of absurd to suggest Haley was on the hot seat after two games, Pioli was saying nothing.

"As things stand, Pioli appears to be lying low, allowing Haley to take all the heat. With many in the media slamming his head coach, you would think Pioli would come to Haley’s defense."

Now, after the team is back on track and winning, a story breaks that basically confirms what many media outlets were reporting was a possibility two weeks ago and suddenly Pioli is ready to chat?

Fishy in my opinion.

Update: Thorman’s story is up. Check it out here.