Chiefs vs. Vikings: Five Questions


We’ll have our Inside the Enemy Camp post later today but I wanted to link you all on over to my answers to the questions that came over from The Viking Age, FanSided’s Minnesota Vikings site.

Here is a preview:

Clint: Are you guys participating in the “Suck for Luck” movement?

Patrick: AA has a very large staff. Some of the guys are on the Suck for Luck bandwagon. Others, like me, just can’t bring themselves to do it. Going 1-1 or 2-14 can cause a lot of other problems for an organization that I am not sure the Chiefs want. Still, I recognize that this team needs a franchise QB. I will always cheer for the Chiefs to win on Sunday but if they somehow ended up with Andrew Luck, I wouldn’t complain either. Things will play out as they will play out.

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Be sure to head on over to The Viking Age to read the rest!