Update On Haley Rumor


Earlier we told you that 810 Sports was spreading a rumor that Todd Haley would address allegations that he was involved in an incident involving the police at a bar over the weekend. The news came from Kevin Kietzman on Soren Petro’s show. It was then tweeted out by Doug Stewart, also of 810.

Well the press conference came and went. Haley said nothing and nobody asked him anything about this supposed incident. As soon as the press conference was over, 810 just started talking football as if they never said anything.

Nick Wright of 610 Sports went on the air shortly after. According to Wright, 810 and Kietzman were irresponsibly spreading rumors. According to Wright, he investigated an incident that supposedly took place three weeks ago. There was apparently an incident at a bar that Todd Haley happened to be at with his wife. Wright reports that the incident had absolutely nothing to do with Haley or anyone in Haley’s party. Basically, it is a non-story from three weeks ago.Wright said once he was satisfied that there was no story, he had decided to forget the matter. That was until 810 “reported” on it earlier today.

So there you have it. The 810 tweet cause a bit of a stir on Twitter. Folks are wondering what is going on. This is the story as we have it.

I suggest we all go back to worrying about whether or not Barry Richardson can block.

You can listen to Wright now. He isn’t likely to re-visit the Haley issue but 610 will have a podcast version available later.