Arrowhead Adventures! The REAL Cost Of The Arrowhead Experience!


How much does it really cost to attend a ten game home season? Not nearly as much as Kansas City Star beat writer Sam Mellinger would have you think.  As quoted in an earlier post by my man Andrew Crocker:

"Prices continue to rise even through a brutal economy. Struggling fans are literally asked to pay more with less — when there’s more to experience than ever before by paying nothing.Using the Team Marketing Report numbers, going to 10 games at Arrowhead Stadium would cost more than $3,500 for a family of four.For that money, you can buy a 42-inch LCD television with surround sound, three leather home theater seats, the Sunday Ticket package to watch every game, and still have nearly $150 per week to spend on beer and food.Which one sounds like the better deal?"

Let’s look at the real picture Sam.

I don’t have a family of four, so I do not feel qualified to comment on those costs. Growing up in a middle class Midwestern family, I can tell you my parents didn’t take me to anything ten times a year.

Let’s look at two buddies living in the Kansas City area that want to attend a season of home games including the two preseason events.

  1. Season ticket cost: on a budget, $250. per buddy. That’s right. $25.00 per game. Check with the ticket office, as of this morning they are still available.
  2. Parking on a budget: $7.50  per buddy  at the gas station across the street from Arrowhead. A little walking is required. Boohoo. ( I have seen parking for $10.00).
  3. Food at the game: That’s up to you. I don’t believe it’s fair to factor in the entire cost of food, you are going to be eating in front of the TV aren’t you? When I am not tailgating I get a foot long at the concession for much less than ten bucks. Water fountains are everywhere and I drink from those and don’t purchase a drink.
  4. Gas to the game: Factor this in depending on where you live. I drive three hours to a game. Your are going to be driving pretty much wherever you decide to enjoy your weekend fun.

I say a couple of buddies living in Johnson County can attend all ten games on a budget for less than $600.00 each pretty easily. A hell of a deal to me. The Kansas City Chiefs offer the second cheapest seat in the league, behind only the Vikings the last time I checked.

If those buddies don’t want to attend all ten games, they can sell half of the games with a little effort and planning, and nearly pay for the tickets to the games they do keep.

If those buddies want to know which five games will offer the most Arrowhead Experience, they should watch Arrowhead Addict. The season ticket holders on the staff (like your hero) will offer the latest info on which games will give you the most bang for your buck.

That’s the cheap way folks! If you cannot afford that it’s completely understandable the economy is tough. But the fact is a season of Kansas City Chiefs football has never been cheaper or better. Affording a game at Arrowhead in my opinion is an economic issue more than it is an issue with the evil Hunt family.

Comparing the game day experience to watching it on a big screen TV?  Well only someone who has never heard the roar of Arrowhead live can make a comparison like that. Why have friends when you can watch reruns of “Friends” on your DVD player?

Well….. that’s my opinion. What is yours?