Supplemental Draft Begins At Noon


The NFL’s Supplemental Draft will kick off at 1 eastern, 12 central.

For those of you wondering how the order is determined, Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk has a nice, concise explanation:

"It’s a weighted lottery, with “dibs” for the worst six teams sorted out first, then the next 14, then the 12 playoffs teams.  Last year, for example, the Browns had the top position in the supplemental draft, even though the Rams had first pick in the April draft."

The Chiefs will be somewhere in that back group of playoff teams. If the Chiefs want a certain player, they must put a 2012 draft pick on the line. If they bid the highest for any one player, they will be awarded that player and they will forfeit the 2012 pick.

Players in the Supplemental Draft often go a little bit lower than they would in the normal draft, simply because teams are weary of putting up a high pick.

I think it is unlikely the Chiefs make a move and even if they do, unless they are awarded the player, we may not hear about it. Nevertheless, we’ll be monitoring things as each round is announced. We’ll let you know if anything goes down.