Baldwin Injury: The Plot Thickens……..


Speculation is running wild over what exactly is going on with the Chiefs first round draft pick Jonathan Baldwin. The rumors going around for about 24 hours was that Baldwin had a hurt wrist that he got in a fight with RB and “team leader” Thomas Jones. As expected, the Chiefs were silent on the issue. Then the KC Star’s Adam Teicher reported that the Chiefs would address the issue. One would assume that he got that information from someone with the Chiefs. However, if you watch Haley’s postgame press conference he does his typical “I don’t know what you’re talking about” and “It’s in house / only talk about guys on the field” routine. So we’ve got nothing, right?

Well, maybe not.

Yesterday Sports Radio 810’s Kevin Kietzman sent out a series of three tweets about the Baldwin situation. Here they are in order:

"Earlier reports of baldwin with wrist injury wrong. He has cracked thumb in a splint."

"Now learning it all started a day earlier with a heated exchange between Baldwin and Jamaal Charles."

"Some vets indicate they can’t stand Baldwin’s sense of entitlement."

So should we trust Kietzman on the issue? Well as pointed out right here on AA earlier it is now reported that Baldwin does have an injured thumb, not wrist. So he was correct on the first one. Surely nothing would ever leak out of the Chiefs kingdom to confirm either of the last two, right?

Check out this interesting retweet by Jamaal Charles from last night:

"Real talk…RT @Dangerzombie: @jcharles25 Thomas Jones is my Respect is earned by hard work. Blood,sweat,and tears."

Obviously, there isn’t anything that would hold up in a court of law here, but given that second tweet by Kietzman this retweet by Charles certainly is interesting.

If in fact this is true then it would be hard to doubt the third tweet about veterans not liking Baldwin’s attitude. If that is the case it is starting to look like there might just be a problem with our first round draft pick. What do you think, worried yet?