Watch The NFL Preseason Games Online


I often get a lot of questions from out of town Chiefs fans about how to watch preseason and regular season games online.

There are a number of crappy, illegal feeds out there you can find if you look hard enough. Unfortunately, it is hard to tell the safe sites from the dangerous ones. Many of these sites try to get you to download software you want no part of. Then on top of all that, even if you do find a decent feed, the NFL is likely to find it and yank it. Thus you’ll spend the entire game searching google instead of watching the action.

That is why I highly recommend NFL Preseason Live from The NFL offers all the preseason games live, streaming in HD, for $20. I bought it last season for $40 and let me tell you, it is worth it. Heck, we think so highly of the service they even quoted us on the website. (Click the third dot on the left)

This isn’t an ad and we aren’t getting paid by the NFL to promote this service. I wanted to pass it along to you because it works really well and it comes at a value for $20. I live outside of KC and I will be buying this service again this year. Especially since the price has gone down.

Now remember that TONIGHT’S Chiefs vs. Bucs game is nationally televised on  Fox so as long as you have a TV, you can get it for free. But if you want to see other preseason games or the last three KC games, you should really consider plunking down the $20 for Preseason Live.

However you enjoy tonight’s game, make sure you join us right here on Arrowhead Addict. We’ll have an open thread where staff members and readers alike will be talking about all the action. See you tonight and GO CHIEFS!