Saturday Night Week In Review


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"All seriousness aside, just what are we getting in Kelly Gregg? Will the addition of Queequeg and Powe, the rookie 6th rounder, be greater than, less than, or zero sum with the subtraction of veterans Sweet Ron and Perv? As to the second question, it’s a hard call at this point but we’ll nevertheless check what the stats have to say."

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"I find it next to impossible that McCluster, under these circumstances, will ever justify where we drafted him.But hope is not lost, not entirely.  And in the face of Wendler’s simple math, I think the Chiefs would do well to try to make the numbers fit, and give McCluster a serious chance to be an impact player.Here are five ways I could see the Chiefs utilizing McCluster in productive ways. I’ve gone out of my way to assure that each way is not a gimmick, and can make repeat appareances week in and week out, rather than relying on surprise plays."

Jeremy, myself, Lyle, Taylor, and Nikolozi through the looking glass…

"Quarterback wise we do not have the best quarterback, (yet). San Diego’s Phillip Rivers clearly stands alone in the AFC West as the best QB (His QB Rating was 101.8). But one could argue and should argue that Matt Cassel is clearly the second best QB in the AFC West. (Matt Cassel QB rating 93.0).  We do not even know who is going to be the QB for the Broncos or the Raiders.  At least the Broncos have better choices."

"You can pick up all the Ochocinco’s you want, but realistically I don’t expect too many teams to be better now than they were last season.  Sure teams may have added more talent, they may have deeper charts, and a couple of extra marquee guys, but with no access to team facilities during the off season and no way to contact the coaches or training staff I expect that most teams will be taking steps backwards this year."

"So here’s the question for those of you that think Clark Hunt is refusing to open his pocket book and is keeping the Chiefs from signing the players they need to compete for a Super Bowl. Why would Scott Pioli put up with that? Can anyone actually make a valid argument for why Pioli would be fine with being handcuffed to one of the league’s lowest payrolls when he could have almost any GM job he wanted?"

"Breaston had a breakout season in 2008, under then Offensive Coordinator Todd Haley, when he caught 77 balls for 1,003 yards and three scores for the Arizona Cardinals.  Breaston did not do much in Arizona the last two seasons, but outside of Larry Fitzgerald, no wide receiver is going to perform well with Matt Leinart and Max Hall passing the ball."

"…That won’t happen in the NFL. Baldwin has probably never played anyone in his entire career to this point that had the talent to be an NFL-quality D-back. It’s going to be a rude awakening for him this season. But don’t take my word for it; let’s consult the numbers."

That’ wraps it up for this week Addicts.  Catch up on anything you may have missed while you were wasting time at work this week.  Have a great night.