Hali Update


The following comes from AA reader Mike G:

"My son and I were right behind the family tent towards the end of the practice waiting for his “Helmet Walk” with Leonard Pope. We saw Tamba come out of the port-a-potty and he was sick for sure, calling out to one of the trainers for help. It was definitely heat exhaustion not an injury. Gregg was hurting from the heat too. Houston’s conditioning is a major disappointment – thank goodness we have Sheffield – who I think will become the starter. This CBA delay of camp for the FA’s and no OTA’s is going to cost everyone. The heat and humidity were incredible – saw fans dropping like flies. Class act by Ryan James helping out one of our fallen comrades. I got to meet Ryan today, great guy! I thanked him for his excellent coverage of camp."

Thanks to Mike for the info. The reader contributions we have been getting from camp have been excellent. It really helps us spread the word through Chiefs Nation. Thanks to Ryan and Mike and everyone else who is pitching in.

Hopefully we will have official word that Hali is ok soon. We’ll also keep an eye out for any news on B-Rich.