Is Kelly Gregg A Step Backwards From Ron Edwards?


The Kansas City Chiefs let a younger Ron Edwards leave in free agency and instead signed veteran Kelly Greg to a one-year deal.

But was it the right move?

I decided to look at the stats and grades over at Pro Football Focus to find out just how they viewed Gregg’s play last year and how it compared to what Ron Edwards did for the Chiefs.I will also compare him the man most KC fans wanted the Chiefs to sign to play NT, Aubrayo Franklin.

The results  after the jump.



Franklin: 579

Edwards: 471


Gregg: 0

Franklin: 0

Edwards: 2

QB Pressures

Gregg: 7

Franklin: 5

Edwards: 4


(tackles that caused an offensive failure, including sacks)

Gregg: 13

Franklin: 37


Overall Grade

Gregg: -0.8

Franklin: +15.5


Pass Rush Grade

Gregg: -5.6

Franklin: -9.0


Run Grade

Gregg: +4.5

Franklin: +24.3


It looks to me like Kelly Gregg is Ron Edwards II. Their numbers are very similar. Neither is particularly good at rushing the passer, although Gregg was actually really bad at it last year which is why he ended up with such a poor overall grade.  Both are only adequate at stopping the run. Looking at the numbers from PFF, it seems to indicate you would be better off with Edwards. He is also a couple years younger.

The guy you really want here, however, is Franklin. He is the worst of the three at rushing the passer but he is a ridiculous run stuffer. Rushing the passer isn’t his game and really, isn’t the goal of a NT anyway. A handful of sacks would be nice but what you really want in a nose is a guy who can clog the running lane and allow your linebackers to get the glory.

Now that you have seen some numbers, what do you think Addicts? Obviously Franklin was the prize but it appears as though the Chiefs may not be interested or willing to pay him. Should they have kept Edwards over Gregg?