Your Arrowhead Adventurer Pick For The Best Game To See At Arrowhead In 2011!!!!


Addicts, it’s official. I’ve poured over the 2011 schedule,  examined Northwest Missouri weather patterns over the last century, experimented with the effects of bratwurst seasonings in relation to wind patterns, and crunched the numbers relating to the Kansas City Chiefs Cheerleaders costuming coefficents.

I’m ready to announce my pick for the 2011 game of the year.

When it comes to the game day experience, I’m a self proclaimed expert. I have attended more Kansas City Chiefs home games in the last ten years than most fans will attend in a lifetime.

For those who cannot afford (or are not stupid enough to buy) a ticket for every home game of the season,  it’s important to focus on the games that deliver the most bang for the buck relating to the overall Arrowhead experience.

If you  have not been to Arrowhead, your missing plenty. But the “New Arrowhead” is not the old one.  Not every game sells out anymore. The place is not always packed with screaming fans. Your first trip to Arrowhead can be very disappointing if you pick the wrong game. Pick the right one and its everything you ever dreamed about and more.

My pick for 2011 season is the season opener against the Bills.

Last years matchup at Arrowhead proved to be one of the best games this Arrowhead Adventurer can remember in a long, long time. Patrick echoed similar sentiments. It was Chan Gaileys first return to Arrowhead since he got the boot from Kansas City as offensive coordinator (a tough loss for him, a fantastic win for us in overtime). No doubt he and the rest of Buffalo NFL fans and players will want revenge.

Attending this season opener will cure anyone of such flawed logic.

Imagine a warm , September Sunday morning, clouds floating aimlessly against Arrowheads sky blue mind, as you sit in your lounge chair,  beer (or in my case Jeremiah Weed)  in hand.

An indescribably complex scent of bbq chicken, steak, shrimp, and ribs brightens up your olfactory senses.

Classic metal blares from speakers so huge they may have been borrowed from Kid Rock’s inventory.

Scenery?  You can’t swing a dead possum without striking a scantily clad, breathless, chesty blonde at this place.

Booze, Brats, Burgers, anything you forgot or ran out will be cheerfully donated by any red shirted tailgater you happen to cross paths with.

Like to talk football? So do eighty to a hundred thousand tailgaters eager to trade strategies with your razor sharp football mind.

Get there early, the cars will be lined up for miles to get in.

Snag a red parking pass on ebay ,  they are going for near face value and will pay off in dividends. The red section is the best for tailgating, close to the stadium, but half the price of a gold ticket and just as fun.

I recommend Stub Hub when it comes to getting tickets. Too many fakes out there to buy from Ebay, and they offer a guarantee.  Don’t even think about buying a scalped ticket anymore. If you watch, you should be able to get good tickets for face value or less. The time to buy is NOW!

The best game of the year in the best football stadium in the world I predict, will be the home opener against the Buffalo Bills on Sunday Sept 11 at noon, at good old One Arrowhead Drive.

I hope to see you there.