NFL Free Agency To Begin Tuesday?


Word on the street is that the NFL lockout is going to end today with a player vote ratifying the new CBA.

Yesterday, we were hearing that the process of getting everything rolling would take a week, with players allowed at team facilities on Wednesday and free agency beginning on Saturday. Late last night, however, reports began to emerge that things could move a little bit faster. Much faster. As in free agency starting tomorrow.

First, came an email from Drew Brees to his teammates obtained by Pro Football Talk.

“Free Agency – It now looks like free agency will begin at noon on Tuesday and it will be open free agency. There will be no 3 day grace period for teams to sign their own players. It will be open for anyone to sign anywhere.

“Training Camp – It looks like the NFL is trying to force teams into camp on time. This would move us to a report date of Thursday, July 28. We would have physicals, conditioning, and meetings on this day. The day before would be a travel day and the hotel would be open that night for guys to check in as well as physicals but nothing mandatory until Thursday.

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Next, came a few tweets from Jay Glazer. The tweets came at around 4 AM EST.

"Jay GlazerJay_Glazer I said I wouldn’t jump in til they agreed… They’ve FINALLY agreed! Sources say 2 sides this hour FINALLY agree to terms of new CBA. Jay GlazerJay_Glazer According to terms, timeline sooner than previously reported. Facilities open Tues, camp starts Thurs for 10 teams, Fri for 10, wkend for 12"

According to’s Peter King, everything should get wrapped up this morning. The plaintiffs from the Brady anti-trust case are expected to be in attendance to sign a document saying they are happy with the terms of the settlement. Next the ten member executive committee will recommend the deal to the rest of the players. There will then be a player rep vote and if all goes as planned, there will be a press conference basically announcing the end of all this crap in the early afternoon.

Cross your fingers.