Top Ten Rookies In Madden NFL 12


I know a lot of you are big Madden players so I wanted to bring you the top ten rookies by rating. These will be the base ratings out of the box.

And no, Jonathan Baldwin is not on the list:

10. Robert Quinn – DE – STL – 78 OVR

9. Julio Jones – WR, ATL – 78 OVR

8. Mark Ingram – RB – NO – 79 OVR

7. Mike Pouncey – OL – MIA – 79 OVR

6. Von Miller – OLB – DEN – 79 OVR

5. J.J. Watt – DE – HOU – 80 OVR

4. A.J. Green – WR – CIN – 80 OVR

3. Prince Amukamara – CB – NYG – 81 OVR

2. Marcell Dareus – DE – BUF – 82 OVR

1. Patrick Peterson – CB – ARZ – 82 OVR

Based on this list, Baldwin’s raring, although still a mystery, will be 77 or lower.

I can live with that. Just like in the real NFL, most of these guys have a lot to prove and should start with there ratings pretty low. Remember, Madden redid their ratings so fewer players are rated as highly.

If I had to hazard a guess, I’d say Baldwin will be in the 75-77 range. This is a decent starting point and should he make an impact early, his rating will rise into the 80’s pretty quickly.

One thing is for sure, after last season, Dwayne Bowe is sure to have a solid out of the box rating.

What do you think Addicts? What will Jonathan Baldwin’s Madden rating be out of the box and what will it be at the end of the season?