Arrowhead Addict Is Looking For Columnists


At Arrowhead Addict, we do our very best to bring you a wide range of thoughts and opinions on all things Kansas City Chiefs football.

As the site has grown, we have slowly built a talented and diverse army of featured columnists that weekly provide provocative, humorous and passionate views on the Kansas City Chiefs. We supplement that coverage with news and analysis to hopefully bring you the most informative and entertaining Chiefs coverage on the net.

I have decided that the time has come to add a few more guns to our posse. Arrowhead is looking to bring aboard a couple of more columnists to expand our coverage on the weekends. We are looking for talented writers who are interested in joining the AA family and who can provide on weekly column.

AA staff writers are unpaid but the site offers great exposure, whether you are an aspiring sports writer or you just want to write about the best football team in the history of the NFL. We’ve had our writers featured on, Fox Sports, NPR and numerous other sites around the web.

We have a blast here at Arrowhead Addict on a daily basis and we are eagerly hoping to add a couple of writers who, like us, want to help build and maintain a fantastic Chiefs blog.

If you are interested in submitting for the position of staff writer, please submit a 300-500 word writing sample to The deadline for submissions is currently set for Saturday, April 16th.

If we are interested in speaking to you further about the position we will be in touch. Thank you in advance for reading Arrowhead Addict and for sharing your work with us.