Madden 12 Cover Vote: Round 2 Results


The second round of voting in the Madden 2012 Cover Vote has ended and EA Sports and have announced the final 8 players in consideration for the cover.

#1 Aaron Rogers will take on #4 Danny Woodhead, while #6 Jamaal Charles will face off against #10 Peyton Hillis.

On the right side of the bracket, last year’s cover athlete #4 Drew brees will take on popular #9 Adrian Peterson, while popular Madden player #3 Mike Vick will go up against #7 Patrick Willis.

You can place your vote for the final eight now.Voting for Round 3 ends April 11th.

Full round 2 results are after the jump.

Rodgers d. Sam Bradford (76%-24%)

Woodhead d. Nicks (57%-43%)

Charles d. Jones-Drew (51%-49%)

Hillis d. Ryan (51%-49%)

Peterson d. Rivers (56%-44%)

Brees d. Sanchez (61%-39%)

Vick d. A. Johnson (62%-38%)

Willis d. Ward (60%-40%)