NFL Reinstates Detroit’s Seventh Round Pick


You may remember a couple of weeks ago we told you that the NFL ruled in favor of the Chiefs when the team filed a tampering charge against the Detroit Lions. While the details of what exactly the Lions did never were revealed, the NFL levied a minor punishment against Detroit. The Lions had to swap 5th round draft picks with the Chiefs, moving KC up and Detroit down, as well as forfeit their 2011 seventh round pick.

Now is reporting that the NFL has given those tampering Lions back their 2011 seventh rounder and will instead strip them of their 2012 seventh rounder.

"The Lions appealed the ruling, and in what I guess we should call a semi-victory, the NFL instead will take away their No. 7 pick in 2012. Some of you will ask what difference that makes. In theory, a future draft pick is less valuable than a current one because the team gets the potential benefit of an additional player for the upcoming season.The previously-enforced swap in the fifth round, which left the Lions picking at No. 154 overall instead of No. 140, remains intact."

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One thing the ESPN article doesn’t mention is that there might not even be a draft in 2012. While it is very unlikely that will be the case, the threat of a long lockout is possible and the NFL has warned all 32 teams that any trades they make during this year’s draft that involve next year’s draft will be at their own risk. Meaning if you trade back and receive a 2012 draft pick for your trouble and there is no draft in 2012, you are out of luck.

Not sure why the NFL bothered to make this small change. That being said, I feel like the Lions are still being punished appropriately by having to swap picks with KC.

Besides, years of high first round picks haven’t made any difference for the Lions. I doubt and extra seventh rounder will suddenly turn things around for them.