Larry Johnson Thinks Kansas City Hates Him


Hate is a strong word but I would venture to guess that most Kansas City Chiefs fans strongly dislike former RB Larry Johnson.

Personally, I think he’s a scum bag.

The Kansas City Star reported this morning that Johnson is requesting a change of venue for an upcoming lawsuit filed by a woman that claims Johnson spat a drink on her at a Kansas City bar in 2008.

The drink spitting incident was just another in a handful of disconcerting incidents involving LJ, violence and a woman.

Larry’s lawyer,  Jack T. Bangert, provided in excellent quote in court.

“If we can’t get a change of venue in this case, it is insurmountable,” Bangert said. “We want to go anywhere but here.”

Ironic that Larry wants to be tried “anywhere but here,” because just a couple of years ago, Chiefs fans wanted Larry Johnson to play football “anywhere but here.”

Actually, maybe it isn’t ironic at all.

I hope he does get tried in KC and by a jury full of Chiefs fans and women.

And I hope they throw the book at him.