Two years ago, fans of the Kansas City Chiefs cringed when QB Matt Ca..."/>

Two years ago, fans of the Kansas City Chiefs cringed when QB Matt Ca..."/>

Jamaal Charles Up For The Cover Of Madden NFL 12


Two years ago, fans of the Kansas City Chiefs cringed when QB Matt Cassel was a finalist to make the cover of Madden NFL 10. Thankfully, Cassel avoided landing on the cover of the world’s most popular only NFL football video game, escaping the dreaded Madden curse.

Then again, considering how the 2009 Kansas City Chiefs’ season went, perhaps Cassel caught a touch of the curse simply for being nominated. It is a horror just to be nominated after all.

Two years later, the Chiefs are developing starts and now RB Jamaal Charles is a candidate to grace the cover of Madden. This year, EA Sports is doing a NCAA Tournament style voting process to select a winner. Fans will vote in a series of one on one matchups until only one player remains. The players are even broken up into seeds, just like in the real NCAA Tournament. Charles is currently ranked as a 6 seed in his region and he will be going up against none other than…

Tim Tebow of the Denver Broncos.

At first I was outraged that Tebow was even on the list, seeing as how he hasn’t really done anything in the NFL. Upon further review however, I realized that everyone else on the Broncos pretty much sucks and that Tebow is probably their most popular player. That being said, I think Champ Bailey would have been a much more respectable decision.

Regardless, Tebow is insanely popular (can’t figure out why) and will probably beat Jamaal in the first round voting.

While I admit that it would be cool to have a Chief on the cover of Madden I also foolishly fear the curse and I am uneasy just having Jamaal in the running.

Speaking of the curse, I find if amusing that the same year every NFL team has a player on the finalist list that there very well might not be a 2012 season. Perhaps this was just a shrewd marketing move by the Madden team or perhaps, the curse is already in full effect. I wouldn’t be surprised if, when all is said and done, all 32 players make the cover as some sort celebration/lament of the return/end of professional football.

At any rate, head on over to the official Madden website to vote for Jamall…if you dare.