Quick! Do March Madness With Arrowhead Addict!


So Lyle set up a March Madness group on Yahoo for Kansas City Chiefs fans who read Arrowhead Addict. (You).

The tournament kicks off in just a few minutes but if you are quick you can still join up. I think you may have until halftime of the first game today but don’t hold me to that. Be quick. Details below.

So it’s pretty simple to do. You just take this link:

Once there, you enter the following:

Group Number: 143732
Password: chiefs

If you don’t currently have a yahoo profile it takes about 2 minutes to get one, so don’t let that scare you off. Then just fill out your bracket and you’re done. I think the best way to do it would be to use your AA username as the name of your bracket entry. That way, when we look at the leader board we’ll know which AA members are on top.

Here’s the scoring breakdown:

Each round of 64 game you get right is 1 point.
Round of 32 are 2 points.
Sweet 16 games are 3 points.
Elite 8 are 4 points.
Final 4 are 5 points.
The Championship Game is worth 6 points.

Finally, as an added twist you get a bonus point when you correctly pick an upset (defined as any lower seed beating a higher seed). For example, if Oakland knocks off Texas in the first round and you picked it, you would get 1 point for picking the game correct and one point for the “upset pick”. So there is a little added incentive to pick a few upsets in your bracket.