Get To Know The Kansas City Chiefs: Arrowhead Addict Expert Interview


3). How will the departure of Charlie Weis effect the offensive philosophy of the Chiefs?

I don’t think it will change much at all. The Chiefs will continue to run the ball and run it well as long as Jamaal Charles is around. I am confident in Haley as a play caller. I think he did a nice job in Arizona and I actually liked a lot of his plays when he arrived in KC in 2009. I think the problems the Chiefs offense that year had more to do with a lack of talent to execute the plays than the plays themselves.

Weis may have been calling the plays but for the most part, I believe they were Haley’s plays. The Chiefs face some really tough defenses next season so we’ll find out alll we need to know about Haley’s play calling ability in 2011.

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I did an expert* interview with the guys over at NFL Mocks about the Chiefs’ draft needs. Head on over to NFL Mocks to check out the entire interview.

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