Report: NFL Lockout Injunction Hearing Set For April 6th


Earlier today we gave you an update on the NFL lockout telling you that the next date to look forward to was the initial hearing for the injunction filed by the players against the league.

According to Jason La Canfora of, that date will be April 6th.

Via Twitter:

"JasonLaCanfora Jason La CanforaAccording to court documents, preliminary hearing on injunction against NFL lockout set for April 6, 930Am in Minn by judge Susan Nelson."

April 6th is a Wednesday, which puts the initial hearing date nearly exactly three weeks before the NFL Draft. Depending on how quickly the judge acts (and if she acts in favor of the players) there could be a solid couple of weeks of free agency before the draft, which would give Scott Pioli a chance to fill much needed holes prior to April 28th.

Let’s hope the judge acts swiftly so the players can get back to the team facility and under the guidance of their coaches. A quick resolution would be particularly helpful to Matt Cassel, who I am sure is anxious to start working with his new QB coach in Jim Zorn.