Tiki Barber Coming Out Of Retirement


If Scott Pioli and Todd Hali are planning to keep Thomas Jones next season because they love old running backs then they might very, very excited right about now.

Former NY Giants running back Tiki Barber is coming out of retirement according to his agent. Barber will turn 36 in April.

You may remember Barber for making bitter comments about his former team following his retirement. After Barber’s departure and tirade of bitterness, the Giants promptly won the Super Bowl. After a lame career in TV broadcasting, Barber is now working for Yahoo! Sports.

Scott Pioli, are you listening? This is a prime opportunity to snag a value free agent. Tiki will bring veteran leadership and intangibles vrabels! 36 years of Vrabels!

Imagine the one-two punch of Tiki and Thomas Jones. Combined they would have over 60 years of RB experience. They’d be the perfect veteran combination to lead the locker room while Jamaal Charles continues on as a “developing player.” Hell, maybe Charles could even be the 3rd down back. He could also carry Tiki’s pads!

Think of it! Lean, mean Thomas Jones and an old guy named Tiki! TIKI! It would be like a dream come true.

Oh, wait sorry. Got that mixed up with one of my nightmares.

In all seriousness, Barber had years left on his contract when he retired so he’d be property of the NY Giants once he is reinstated. Since I doubt the Giants want him, he’ll likely be cut. Then he would be free for Dan Snyder and Al Davis to fight over.

Big name free agent baby! Tiki’s back!