Berry, Chiefs Plan To Practice During A Possible Lockout


Say what you want about Kansas City Chiefs coach Todd Haley but he appears to have his players committed to the football team.

Pro Bowl safety Eric Berry told the Kansas City Star that the players already have plans to meet in early April if the owners lock them out.

“We’ll probably move toward something like that, just to make sure we’re all in accord,” Berry told the Star. “Our goal is to come out ahead. I’ve been talking to everybody in the off-season. They’re pretty much ready to go. Everyone’s been working out and getting ready for this upcoming season. We don’t know when it’s going to start but I’m pretty sure the Chiefs are going to be ready.”

That is certainly encouraging to hear. While the players want to stay united int he case of a lockout, it is pretty cool that KC’s players plan to still be focusing on football. If they manage to stay sharp, it could give them a huge early season advantage over other teams who may not have practiced as much.

“We will have to get the people together,” RB Jamaal Charles told the Star.

Looks like a star on defense and a star on offense are becoming leaders of this football team. It is safe to say that the future is bright in Kansas City. Lockout or no lockout.