When it comes to good BBQ, your Arrowhead A..."/>
When it comes to good BBQ, your Arrowhead A..."/>

Arrowhead Adventures! I Love KC BBQ!


When it comes to good BBQ, your Arrowhead Adventurer has tried it all. West Coast, East Coast, the Northern US, and the South. I like to think I’m open minded, but it keeps coming back KC is the best.

Now I like Memphis style. Interstate BBQ in the heart of the city is my favorite Blues City Joint. Blues City Cafe and Rendevous Ribs, both in the heart of Beale Street come in a close second.

St. Louis Style? Well in my opinion calling St. Louis Style ribs BBQ is like calling Taco Bell , Spanish quisine.

Texas style ain’t bad, but it’s all about beef not pork. Oklhahoma has some good stuff, my favorite being a little joint in Muskogie.

Some of the best in the world are at a little joint called Grandaddy’s in New Orleans.

But when it comes to KC BBQ, well KC BBQ can’t be beat.

Aruthur Bryants, LC’s, Oklahoma Joes, you simply can’t go wrong in KC.

I like the sugary taste of KC BBQ, Memphis sauce is loaded with vinegar, their dry ribs of course have no sauce at all. Still Mr. Neely at Interstate BBQ once told me that his goal is for his customer to enjoy his ribs so much, that they forget to use any sauce at all. Its easy to forget about the sauce  in KC.

Sometimes I eat it there, sometimes I take it to the stadium, sometimes I do both, in KC your likely to have plenty to take home.

So what about you Addicts? Let’s hear about your BBQ experiences. Where do you like to get it, where do you like to eat it, and how do you like to cook it?