League, Players Agree To Extend CBA For 24 Hours


The NFL will continue…at least for another day.

The league and the players union met for around eight hours today and though they didn’t come to an agreement for a new CBA, they did agree to extended the deadline for the expiration of the current CBA by 24 hours. That means there will be no lockout or union desertification for another day.

The extension will give the union another 24 hours to review the NFL’s last best offer. There is no meeting scheduled for Friday but the federal mediator George Cohen will meet with both sides separately to discuss the issues that still separate the parties.

One important note to consider is that although the CBA has been extended by a day, both sides agreed that as of midnight tonight, the league year is officially over. That means that any signings, releases, tenders or any other moves that teams want to make need to be made before the end of the day today.

The word out there currently is that both sides are still far apart but that they are working hard to try to get something done. They may not come to an agreement tomorrow but if they move a little closer, they could keep pushing the deadline back until they reach a deal. If they have a fall out, word on the street is that the union was prepared to decertify today. Desertification would mean that the union would bring antitrust lawsuits against the league. This move would likely mean football would continue while issues were worked out in the courts. The NFL would like to avoid this outcome.

It looks like this drama is going to continue at least for another day. Stay tuned.