Interview With Arrowhead Addict’s Official Morganette Danielle


I had a chance to sit down (virtually) with Arrowhead Addict’s official Morganette for a quick interview the other day. I put on my journalist cap ans asked Danielle the hard nosed questions other reporters might shy away from. You are getting the official scoop in this AA exclusive interview. Hopefully what you learn about Danielle (who is a Kansas City girl) will entice you (if the above picture hasn’t already enticed you) to head over to to fill out your bracket and vote for her by tonight deadline.

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And here we go:

PA: Since you are a Kansas City girl, we have to start with the obvious question first. You’re a Chiefs fan right?

Yes! I love the Chiefs.

PA: You grew in KC and I know in one of our previous conversations you told me you live pretty close to the stadium. I imagine you have had your share of trips to Arrowhead. Is there a particular game or memory that stands out for you?

Every time I watch a game at Arrowhead is memorable, I love the energy from all the fans and how loud everyone gets! Plus the food is great!

PA: Who is your favorite Chiefs player of all time?

Matt Cassel! I’ve actually met him and his wife. They were both so nice and seemed very down to earth. Glad to have them in Kansas City.

PA: Seeing as you have done so well as a Morganette, have you ever considered trying out to be a Chiefs Cheerleader?

No, I like watching the game from the sidelines or the comfort of my couch.

PA: I worry this question could risk alienating some of the local readers but I don’t think it would be fair not to ask you what your favorite KC BBQ joint is?

Gates BBQ, plus it’s within walking distance from the Chiefs Stadium.

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PA: What is it like working with the Captain?

Honestly the Captain gets all the attention from men and women when we go anywhere. So its a lot of fun to see how excited people get of all ages when the Captain enters the room!

PA: How did you end up being involved with the Morganettes?

A friend, Mike, told me about it 3 years ago and sent me the info.

PA: What is it like on the Captain’s Pirate Ship?

Well, thinking about it makes me a little sea sick.

PA: Why should the voters pick you?

I’m friendly and would love to represent KC.

PA: What is the best way to enjoy Captain Morgan products?

Responsibly of course!