While he is still under contract for 2011, there has been some specul..."/>

While he is still under contract for 2011, there has been some specul..."/>

Report: Chiefs Expect Thomas Jones To Return


While he is still under contract for 2011, there has been some speculation that Kansas City Chiefs RB Thomas Jones would retire following a 2010 season which saw his production decline as the year progressed.

According to a report by Bob Gretz of Bobgretz.com, the Chiefs expect Jones to return for the remainder of his contract.

I know there are some KC fans on this website that will not be happy to see Jones back. While he was productive early in the season, Jones’ numbers saw a sharp decline toward the end of the year. Jones averaged a healthy 4.1 yards per carry over the season’s first eight games. In the team’s last eight game, however, Jones only managed 3.0 yards per carry. The Chiefs noticed this is and drastically cut down on Jones’ carries. Through the first eight games he averaged 17.1 carries per game and through the last eight, only 13.5.

Haley also told Gretz that he’d like to see Jones slim down a little. While listed at 212 during the season, Gretz reports that Jones played most of the year around 220 pounds. Haley told Gretz he thinks Jones being around 208 or 209 pounds would help make the soon to be 33 year old back a little quicker.

I am alright with Jones coming back but only if they use him sparingly. It was apparent with Jones that he is simply too old to be effective for an entire 16+ game season. If he can run well early and the Chiefs want to use him to keep Charles fresh for later in the year I am fine with that but once his production starts to decline again, they need to use another back who can be more productive. I can’t help but wonder if the Chiefs would just be better off getting a younger back that will be able to hold up all season rather than putting their eggs in the basket of a 33 year old guy who has had a production drop off at the end of each of the last two seasons.

What do you think Addicts? Should the Chiefs keep rolling with Jones or should they bring in a younger and fresher compliment to Jamaal Charles?