Arrowhead Adventures: Who The Hell Am I?


Some awesome players have taken the field at Arrowhead. Some not so awesome too. Some I thought would be great players that proved to be as good or better than imagined. Some tanked right from the start.

With this in mind, I thought I would toss out a little trivia  to take our minds away from the threat of a football free 2011. Here we go!


Im currently the head  coach for the Tampa Breeze, a womens football team.  My career saw me play in the NFL, CFL, XFL, and NFL Europe.

I played for the KC Chiefs in 2002 as wide reciever, lasted a year when they found out I was not the reason the St. Louis Rams went to the Superbowl the year before.

I’m the only player to have played in the Grey Cup, Superbowl, and World Bowl (I looked this up, it was NFL Europes supergig).

Come on , there is nothing going on, try and figure it out with out googling! Who the hell am i?