Rest In Peace Derrick Thomas


Eleven years ago today, Kansas City Chiefs linebacker Derrick Thomas passed on.

As you all know, Derrick was in a care accident while on his way to the airport to travel to watch the NFC championship game. The road conditions were poor and Derrick was driving recklessly. He lost control of the car and the resulting accident left one of his passengers dead and Derrick paralyzed. Neither Derrick, nor the passenger who was killed were wearing their seat belts.

Two weeks after the accident, Derrick went into cardiac arrest and died.

It was a sad day throughout Chiefs Nation and every year on this day, we always try to pause and remember Derrick and all of the great memories he gave us.

As I sit here in New York City, there is howling wind blowing snow by my window. Every time the wind picks up, I think of DT.

In honor of Derrick, share your best DT memory in the comments. Stay safe out there Addicts. And buckle up.