Super Bowl XLV: Which Team Has The Best Rap Anthem?


The Green Bay Packers and Pittsburgh Steelers will square off in Super Bowl XLV tonight and fans all over the country are getting ready to enjoy the the big game.

To get you ready, we’re going to have the Packers and Steelers square off in a rap anthem smackdown.

This all started when rapper Wiz Khalifa wrote a song called “Black and Yellow.” The video features shots of Pittsburgh and the song title refers to the colors of the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Well it turns out Lil Wayne is a Packers fan and he has ripped off the Khalifa song and made his one version to represent Green Bay.

So who has the best anthem? Check them out after the jump.

First up is Khalifa with “Black and Yellow”

Now here is Lil Wayne’s version

So who has the best anthem, Lil Wayne or Khalifa. Green and Yellor or Black and Yellow?

Neither. The correct answer is RED AND YELLOW! CHIEFS!